Social Media 09 – mashup

Just got back from the latest mashup event – Social Media 09. Think Simon and Tony would agree that this was a very different event to previous mashups – though it did feel like a bit of an elevator pitch of case studies! Presentations were 7.5 mins long which presenters seemed to struggle with and it felt like there were dozens of them. Despite the early niggles (couldn’t see the screen and it was very hot) and the feeling of being bombarded with different topics too quickly by the end just the great quality of some covered up some of the others which felt a bit stale and dated.

The highlight for me was the directlive campaign which managed to do a great social media campaign without even using twitter which for good or bad seems to be mandatory these days. But there were plenty of others and it helped crystalise my thinking in several different areas. All of which should spur on a number of blog posts to completion.

So all in all a good event. Now onto writing the rest of those blog posts. Oh and for those interested – here is the twitter stream for the event. It was up on a screen during the event and some definitely made me chuckle – just a shame I couldn’t tweet and respond/retweet with my iphone’s battery on its last legs and work emails taking priority 🙁

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