Designing emails for the iphone

iphone email designThe world of marketing is getting more complex rather than less as each day goes by. New channels, more data and now more devices. All these different size screens (mobile, tablet, desktop) may be great for the user (and Apple’s piggy bank) but its a bit of a disaster for resource constrained marketers.

With that said – this post by the guys over at STYLECampaign will reduce some of your time if you are sending a decent chunk of emails to people who read your email on an iphone.

Some of the things looked at include:

1. understanding zoom and sizing

2. Customising the look and feel of the email by device

3. font scaling

There are 2 parts – read them both in fullĀ here and here.

I can see the use of device specific templates being something that will be needed more and more in the future. The trick is going to be to do so in a cost effective way.