self imposed blogging embargo fails :o

I meant to blog about the fact that I am changing hosts (again). I say again because I actually started the process to change hosts 3-4 months ago for some of my other domains but the provider I went with has not really worked out (Bluehost). I went ahead and exported the WordPress database and imported it into the new host, copied the files over, changed the config settings for the database (wp-config.php) and amazingly everything worked just fine.

That was the problem!! I was fully expecting to have to do multiple imports/exports of this blog to get it working.. didn’t happen so I was waiting till this weekend to transfer the domains over as I still have some work to do on other domains I look after. I look after more than I thought 🙁

Anyhow I have a few posts to complete now so lets hope doing these posts doesn’t delay the move this weekend.