a cold or flu?

lemsipI’m stuck in bed suffering with this cold that came out of nowhere and hit me today 🙁 Maybe I didn’t notice, but I am sure I felt fine this morning. Then WHAM! several hundred sneezes later and I am sniffling away. Anyhow am back home now, with a cup of lemsip. Here is to hoping it does its job.

You see, according to here, I should be sniffling on day 1, with sneezes on day 2 to 4. That just hasnt happened. Of course then there is is the question of whether its a cold or the dreaded flu? According to this site well I don’t have either, as it seems to combine the 2..

spped of symptoms: quickly >> flu
Fever: yes >>so either cold or flu
Cough: only slightly >> either – possibly flu
Nasal symptoms: yes but not massive >> either possibly flu
Muscle aches: not really >> cold
sore throat: its just coming on now >> cold
Headache: none >> cold
Malaise: not really >> cold
Fatigue: slight >> cold

So where does that leave me? in bed getting better, hopefully by tomorrow 🙂