friendfeed the place to be

Apple finally caught me.. all my cynicism was used up on the launch of iPhone last time.. now they have gone and added the things I wanted to the new version.

So even I was trying to keep up to date on what was going on at the Apple WWDC – enough info had been leaked that I knew this device was going to be a phone worth having (and you have no idea how much it pains me to say it). Everyone knew Twitter was going down at some point and there were numerous posts on friendfeed saying it did – it certainly slowed down early on and I saw features being switched off all over the place. In the end I stopped using Twitter so I only know from other peoples’ comments that it did go down. I always check Techcrunch and even that went down for a little while.. the one site that seemed to stay up was FriendFeed and that’s where a lot of commentary was being done. Could this be the turning point against Twitter?

Now for FriendFeed to add Twitterlike functionality or maybe people could use services like Pownce/Jaiku etc and bring them all together inside FriendFeed.

Oh and the Friendfeed Room feature was a godsend.