podtech network and popout videos

I am a regular reader of Scoble‘s blog but since his move to PodTech I really haven’t had time to watch most of the videos he produces.Apart from the fact video requires a lot more of your time to watch (compared to skimming), the extra click through to the podtech website emphasised the time requirements further. Then the video became embedded in the RSS feed itself so I started watching a few. But because I scroll through Google Reader and don’t necessarily want to watch it then and there, I used to star them and watch them later.

Today though, I decided I’d click the “pop out” link and queue them up on my desktop to watch later. I came back to it later and found this didnt work 🙁 Each popout showed the first video I clicked. I’d lost the links to the other videos and had to scroll through Scoble’s feed to find them again 🙁 Not quite as time saving as I’d hoped!