update :)

OK so I am well behind on this blog lately – blog updates coming soon – in the meantime there has obviously been plenty going on 😉 Here is a quick breakdown:

1. Priority Inbox – fully rolled out – I havent seen uptake numbers yet – but those blogging online (more tech savvy?) seem to for the most part like it. Those that dont havent given it enough time for “the robots” to learn whats important and what isnt in my view 😉 It does mean a lot to email marketers – you can read my posts on this in more detail here or here.

2. The number of devices marketers need to worry about continues to increase – Google has joined the fray with the launch of its version of the iPad, the Galaxy Tab. Looks great, but I think its worth waiting for the proper tablet version of the Google Android operating system. See the review of it here.

3. On the topic of Android, it continues to grow globally, mostly in the US (currently 19% of all smartphones vs iphone’s 24.2%). In the UK smart phones are dominating and set to increase by 30m (from 20m today) by 2015. You can see more about the report here (note the full report requires payment ;)) Mobile marketing is unsurprisingly set to grow dramatically as a result – from £407m to £1.1bn in 2015. That actually strikes me as low given what is included (mobile content and services, mobile advertising and marketing).