Nothing like scarcity to push the price of advertising up. Ignoring a likely post Christmas dip, I suspect we will see this continue to rise over 2012 as more companies advertise in this space.

Advertising on the mobile still has to innovate more though. iAd from Apple has not worked so far though the underlying concept is sound, can it be done on a more economical scale?

Or are tiny strips of banners successful enough for larger brands to enter the fray (from a branding rather than direct response perspective).

(via Cost of mobile user acquisition hits all-time high in December | VentureBeat)

(Source: Venturebeat (VentureBeat))

Love the look of these “SmartExtras” for smart phones. Basically, a wireless headset, a watch and an NFC tag..

Not convinced by the SmartTags but it is early days for NFC right now so who knows. The Wireless Headset and the SmartWatch look great though. 

Good to see Sony innovating again..

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