Twitter – the jobsite

twitter logoTwitter is being touted as all things to everyone lately so it is with some caution I write this post.

Anyway, regardless of the hype, I have seen one type of Tweet apearing more and more lately. It is that of the job opening. Look for examples here, here and here or you can see the full search for marketing managers in London here.

Given this data, it is not much of a leap to seeing someone searching for “marketing manager” or “account manager” inside Twitter search to look for jobs. Some might say this will kill off the recruitment agencies, well it certainly could help get your job offer in front of more people but especially in today’s economic climate (but even prior to this period) getting CVs was never really the problem. It was always cutting out the rubbish.

Nevertheless, for both recruitment agencies and companies looking to recuit direct, Twitter looks like it can be another channel to find the right candidate.

In order for this to work though Twitter needs to be able to make use of meta data – someone in the Internet industry probably does not want to see roles within the financial sector – the only way to do that would be to include it in the tweet. I wonder if there is enough space. Robert Scoble talks about Twitter’s metadata problem here. It will be interesting if Twitter brought out the ability to add meta data “underneath” each tweet. That would mean techie terms like the hashtag (#) can disappear as well.

I wonder if we will see a Tweet from a recruiter asking whether someone would be interested in a job they have available 😉