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uk mobile network generates £1.2m from video blogging

UK mobile phone network, 3 launched the Me TV channel four months ago, which allowed users to generate their own content and publish them on the 3 network for other users to view. The mobile phone company then charged 10p (or 50p for adult content) for its subscribers to see the content and passed back a proportion of the income to the publisher.

By making the videos easy to create, publish and view; 3 has generated £1.2m from the service. I think this must be the most successful service on the UK 3g networks to date?

Of course, this is not the first time that user generated video content has captured the public’s imagination. The old fashioned way of doing it was to send your tape to the tv studios in the hope you would appear on Jeremy Beadle’s “You’ve been Framed” (that’s America’s Funniest Home Videos for you American folks!). Now it is back, but for the iPod generation.

Source: New Media Age (requires subscription)