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Mobile continues global growth

Admob released their May 2010 mobile metrics – you can see the full report here.

Some highlights include:

1. More countries than ever are using mobile data – 92 countries in May 2010 vs 27 in May 2008.

Percentage Ad requests by country:

US has a huge percentage – UK seems very low.. India and Indonesia significantly ahead. Strange?

2. Whilst the new mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) are still not the most used OS generally – they dominate in mobile data usage.

Percentage Ad requests by OS:

3. The percentage split of unique iPad devices by country:

ipad June 2010 statistics

The month delay in launching internationally is probably the major reason why the US is so far ahead. Surprised to see Japan in second albeit only just.

find some secret twitter stats..

identify favourite tweetsI love finding new opportunities to see new information even if around 50% of marketers are supposed to feel overloaded with data (Forrester) – if you think about how much data is out there, it is not difficult to understand the issue. The difference is that everyday there are new and simpler ways to act on that data and do something useful. The trick is to approach it in small bites and understand what you want to achieve.

Anyhow, before I get sidetracked on data – this is more informational and interesting than a tool to deal with data better. Inside twitter there is a way to favourite tweets. It is not the greatest feature ever as it is not searchable so you only ever browse through the most recent items. I have ended up using it more as a save for later feature than a favourite/like feature.

Favstar.fm allows you to see who is favouriting your tweets as well as showing a leaderboard for the most favourited/most recent tweets. v cool 🙂

As I said, more interesting than anything else – it did allow me to find some new people on Twitter though – assuming that is a good thing 😉

[image credit: kevin dooley]