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etsy – the next google (and techcrunch peaking)

Bubblegeneration wrote a post criticizing techcrunch which may or may not be true – I’ll leave that for others to figure out for themselves. At the end of the day we will all know when techcrunch is going downhill – we’ll all stop visiting 😉

Anyhow, the interesting comment bubblegeneration made was that he thought Etsy could be the next Google. I just dont understand why he thinks this- yes it’s a great site – it allows individuals to buy and sell items they have made. So I see yes it possibly could be the next ebay (though I think they might be more likely to buy etsy). But the next Google? Why?

Google slowing down? Readburner providing interesting Google Reader stats

Check out ReadBurner by Alexander Marktl. It shows you the popular shared items on Google Reader and even more interestingly shows you who is sharing your items, therefore indirectly telling you who is reading your blog. Very interesting. Make sure you look for your link on the statistics page after you have burned your link blog.

I would surely have expected Google to roll something like this out – maybe integrated into Google News.

a week goes by..

A rapid fire post on the past week having been away from it all in Atlanta.

FAST is being bought by Microsoft – Dylan Fuller, formerly of FAST has a good run down on it. I do think it is interesting that Microsoft bought it rather than Google – it’s an obvious fit for Microsoft in the enterprise search space where it is strong but I thought Google wanted more of this space – is it that they think they can do it themselves? or does it not fit with their “everything in the cloud” philosophy?

Xobni launched its beta. Scott Voigt saved me the trouble of installing it right now by giving me a preview. It looks nice enough and gives you some interesting information about your inbox but it doesn’t aid your productivity. It will be interesting to see if this can evolve into a “Email 2.0” plugin for Outlook, creating a social network through which it prioritises your email. Very early days right now though.

CES happened, the only highlights I heard about were Yahoo Life (integration of the various Yahoo services to give a better user experience – more in a later post); great looking TVs (very thin, bigger..) and Bill Gate’s disappointing keynote looking more at what we know Microsoft is doing rather than anything new. Still it was his last one..

Finally.. Newsgator went free. Finally. The question is whether it is too little too late for them.