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The future of email

Despite the numbers being suspect (see Return Path’s post here for a good look at why); the following chart from Morgan Stanley got me thinking.

Email and Social Networking Growth

As a result, I just posted my thoughts about the future of email over on the DMA Email blog on how email’s future is destined to continue but as just one of several “tools” within the social network toolset. It also looks at what this means for marketers going forward. Rather than republish the entire post here; please click here to view it in its entirety.

How can Microsoft Outlook be slower then your mobile email?

Everyday, my mobile phone seems to receive an email quicker than my desktop email client. The only reason for it that I can identify is that Microsoft Outlook must be checking the Exchange server periodically for updates while the Exchange server is pushing emails it receives out to the mobile device immediately.

Is that true?

If so wouldn’t it be more efficient to implement push technology on the desktop Outlook clients? This would save server resources and network traffic.. right?