hello masterscroll. welcome to the world.

So it has been almost three months since I stepped away from building out Profusion, the data science consultancy I have spent the past two years helping to build. Some thought it strange given the hugely successful and accelerating path they are on but the pull of doing my own thing after an unbelievable decade proved too much.

And so masterscroll was finally born.

It is a platform for professionals to keep on top of their industries and discuss the latest topics in safe private (or semi-private) area. It is invite only right now, but you should sign up for updates here and we will get you an invite as soon as we can!

For those of you with very long memories, I have always been interested in systems which saved you time. After all, we only have 24 hours in a day and scientists have not yet figured out a way to extend that yet 🙂

And yet with more and more content being created online, the ease with which you can discover this content is becoming more and more time consuming. When you do find it, this often spurs a conversation, but these deeper discussions have moved more and more into email or other private spaces.

Worse, the links to interesting content get collected and dumped into some intranet somewhere, where even if it is only buried a couple of links deep, they are often lost and forgotten.

Twitter, Facebook and others are great for grandstanding or just re-sharing links that have barely been read but we already waste far too much time in those environments and deep (and often confidential) conversations just are not happening there.

Obviously we are building masterscroll to solve this 😉

There is a certain buzz when you are starting to build out a new startup. With decisions to make everyday. Often contradictory feedback to deal with. A culture to define. Every day is a new and unknown challenge.

I thought it would be interesting to share that journey on here.