amazon redesign – where’d the books go?

Amazon have redesigned their website.. My first impressions have to be “Where’d the books go?”. I still really only shop at Amazon for books but the only things I see is their credit card, cameras and gardening (?!). After that, I noticed Amazon search. They have given it much more priority overall in the site, and are definitely looking to have people navigate around using the search functionality. I like it, it seems to work and is quick. Thinking about it, I used to click the area and search before anyhow. Now I can just search.

Overall it does feel weird but I think given a bit of time I’ll like the new layout. It has emphasised Amazon’s shift to things other than books, which had been obvious by the number of tabs that kept having to be added in the old website. What I would really like is a customizable front page that lets me see the type of items I buy at Amazon now (yes I mean books. 🙂 )

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