London Bomb

2 weeks to the day and we have had more explosions in London. This time it seems to be dummy explosions and there is supposedly one person injured at Warren Street tube station. Right now there are sirens sounding across Islington.

Some food for thought – after the bombings 2 weeks ago, there were a lot of reports that there was goign to be a repeat the following week, both insinuated by the police and through viral emails. I wonder if this is the specific threat the police were thinking of.

[UPDATE 14:30] Kings X Thameslink, Waterloo, Westminster stations are closed. Mobile networks are feeling the demand – it has become difficult to call mobiles again. Met chief of police describes the incidents as “very serious” and advises people to stay put. UK emergency committe (COBRA) meets.

[UPDATE 14:51] Armed police have gone into University College Hospital, having cordoned off the hospital earlier. This is the new “super” hospital that only opened its doors 2 weeks before 7/7 – it dealt with the injured from 7/7.

[UPDATE 15:05] Rumours entire network is being closed down (I cannot tell as stuck inside the building!). Chemical suits seen going into Warren Street, supposedly a similar thing happened at Oval and nothing was found.

[UPDATE 15:30] Armed police have arrested a man near Whitehall (opposite Downing Street), which is the home of the UK government.

So why would someone set off detonators? It cannot be cranks – since when did cranks organise themselves to this extent?

Good news btw, no trace of chemical agents 🙂 2 people have been detained 🙂