getting somewhere..

Well it looks like things are moving finally.. not only have I managed to sign up for Mandarin lessons but I have also played footy for the second week on the trot! So thats 2 more items off the list for 2005 🙂 Mandarin was the hardest to do because I have spent the last 2 years saying I am learning it and not getting very far at all – I have bought a cd and started it but did a few hours and then waited 12 months – in that time I upgraded my computer to Windows XP and the language CD did not work 🙁 not that that was much of an excuse cuz I could have got by on Windows XP but didnt bother 🙁 Anyhow I have signed up now and accepted the fact I cannot learn it on my own..

On the footy side side of things not only have I started playing but I organised the whole thing – god its hard work finding 8+ people to play football weekly – I have about 15 but some people always end up dropping out 🙁 Anyhow unfortunately last night’s session has probably dented one of my things to solve in 2005 – fixing my knee injury which i did when I was 17 – its never been properly fixed as doctors do not seem to be able to identify the problem and even the physios I have met with cannot decide 100% – I have got ways of improving things and about the only thing it seems I could not do on it was ski (which is annoying but well not exactly life critical..). Annoyingly I managed to hurt my knee yesterday and it has been quivering all day today 🙁 hopefully it will all be fine in a couple of days if i take it easy 🙂

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