it's ugly..Who on earth allowed this building to ever be built??? If that person is reading this – I am talking about the building on the right!! Almost without checking you can tell this building was built in the 60s or 70s – what were they all thinking back then? I would say you could accept it if this was the first building of its type (on the argument they could not imagine what it would look like when built, or how depressing it would make you (me!) feel), but firstly there are too many of these buildings about and most importantly did they really hate the building next to it – could they not see how monstrous it would look?

If you try and take a step back, out of this timeframe and look at it without making any decisions on its look and how it must feel to work in it (its empty so make your own conclusions).. the only answers you can give are..

money (cheaper to build)
fashion (surely not??)

Now for the good news, its being demolished 🙂 not seen the plans for the new building yet though…