quiz night

Headed up to Belsize Park for a pub quiz last night – None of us thought much of our chances but they are always a laugh! We somehow managed to come 3rd (actually joint second but lost the tie break which was “how many acres is the largest dept store in london?” (at least I think that was the question!) The answer was 50 point something.. we started our guess at 80 and ended up putting 120 oops!

mobile phone companies rediscover phones?

must be the time of year or something – had another call from a mobile phone company – this time Carphone Warehouse – asking me how a meeting went with them (the meeting was almost 6 months ago!). Madness!

incidentally – i got a load of voicemails that had been sent over the past week (or so?) – explains o2’s call last week.. not happy!

o2 having problems?

o2 logoI just had a call from O2 (UK mobile phone provider) asking how everything was and whether I have had any problems receiving text messages or phone calls and whether I was happy with my contract. Is this unusually good customer service from the a mobile provider or a hint at something else?

Interestingly I did have problems receiving texts when I was in Greece end of September/early October but put it down to international roaming issues. I wonder if there is anything to it..