windows mobile 5 – spv c600

There has been so much talk about Windows Mobile 5 and how it can push email to your phone in a similar way to Blackberrys. It all sounds brilliant and on top of that people I know who have been using the last few versions of the SPV (C500 and C550) have been singing its praises – minimal crashing, works brilliantly with a PC and it can make phone calls ๐Ÿ™‚ (I had the first 2 SPVs which were appalling..)

So I plumped for the C600 thinking this is the perfect phone. Sure enough, the phone itself is a decent size – the OS seems to have a good feel to it and it doesnt seem to have crashed at all yet! But getting support and email to work is impossible. All I want to do is connect to the VPN and download my email (forget about push – I just want POP3 to work!) – can Orange help me? No, they do not know anything other than how to activate the vpn access rights at their end – anything else is my problem – their data teams did try to help further but did not understand the phone enough to figure it out). Can Microsoft help? No, to give Microsoft credit they tried for 3 days to help but in the end came back with no one here knows about Windows Mobile 5 – there is not any documentation and the operator changes how the phone works anyhow. I am sure all this is true but that does not really help me..

So no idea where this leaves me – heading back to Palm or Nokia if I do not fix it by the end of this week – after that its going to prove hard work to persuade Orange to give me a replacement!

[update] look at that post on Monday, fixed by Tuesday! Orange enabled an extra service and give that a try – suddenly it all started working ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure why they did not know about this service in the first place but we got there in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

edgeio – an ebay killer?

This morning, I received an invite to take a sneak preview of the edgeio system. It allows people to post items for sale on their websites. These in turn are picked up by edgeio and then reposted on the edgeio website. It has been launched by Michael Arrington (of Techcrunch fame) and Keith Teare (formerly of RealNames and Easynet).

So what’s so great about that? Well, eBay’s success is its huge community – take that away and why would you sell an item on there? – it would never sell, or achieve a good price! In the same way posting an item on your own website is just as pointless – using edgeio, all items are centralised on the edgeio website as well as your own site, where if successful, there is a large community. Right now, it costs nothing to have it appear on the edgeio website – unlike on eBay of course. Will this change in the future? How will they make their money over the longer term if they don’t? Will advertising be enough? It will need to be easier to use than eBay that’s for sure..

So first thoughts..

well the interface looks clean and crisp and items are easy enough to find. Posting seems to be a different matter though – claiming my rss feed has proven impossible, whether by adding a line to a post or adding it to my header. Nor has my item shown up automatically inside edgeio yet. What’s wrong?

[update] so I was misreading the link I am supposed to enter to claim the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ (it wanted the base url, not the RSS feed). So I am in ๐Ÿ™‚ Now to see if it can see my posts..

[update2] and sure enough as soon as my site was authorised, it picked up the listing. It found the picture and created a thumbnail ๐Ÿ™‚ Having not specifically tagged anything however, this is not altogether surprising. I shall have to do another test with everything properly tagged – I only found the “special” tags afterwords in the FAQs on the site – I think these need to be more prominent on the site – maybe in a publishers section?

[update 3] I thought I should finish off this post as it really lacked any sort of conclusion. Looking at the service more and more, I agree with the guys over at corporate blogging that edgeio is more of a competitor to craig’s list and the classified services than ebay. The major worry for edgeio must be what happens if other providers add the ability to scan for the listings tag. How difficult is this? and if they do what is going to make a user pick one service over another? Right now, ignoring all this, the one thing that bugs me about edgeio is that its not easy enough to get all the information from your post into the right sections on edgeio – its too geeky! Mind you it is mostly geeks who post to blogs anyhow today so maybe that isn’t so much of a problem…