2 weeks.

I cannot believe 2 weeks have gone by since I last added an entry – they have gone very quickly. This should not be altogether unsurprising as the last 2 weeks and the next 3 are/have been the busiest of the year. Weddings, stag dos, birthday parties, my major holiday of the year and moving flat.. its been hectic.

Stag do has been and gone – went out Essex way and enjoyed the sights of Romford – apart from the names of the pubs nothing seems to have changed. At the end of it all, I slept in a tent for the first time in ages – I had plenty of room and was quite comfortable (for a tent!). Onto the 30th birthday party, Tillie’s to be precise.. down in Cornwall near Par. We got there rather late so missed most of the beautiful sunshine which was a shame. Party was great though and some great ideas. Short stories were sitting at each place on the dining tables for everyone to sign, and polaroids were used to create a photo wall 🙂 Even better it was right next to the beach so at about 3am we wandered outside with the intention of setting up the tent we had bought and lugged down on the train earlier. There was no way we were going to not set it up after all the effort we took getting it down there. Took us an hour though what with it being pitch black and only my mobile phone for light 🙂 Did it though – and it stayed through the night and even looked like a tent in the morning Photos to be uploaded shortly – though there are not many due to my failure to realise uncharged cameras do not take photos 🙁

In between those 2 events, the move is progressing, all my odds and ends have now moved to the new flat, however I did not own any furniture so in reality it wasnt much fun to live in (sleeping on wooden floors anyone? – I borrowed an air bed from my brother but it had a knack of losing all its air by the morning 🙁 ) Anyhow bed has finally arrived and been put together so I can sleep easy now. 9 weeks left for a sofa.. so let the countdown begin..

(I still need a dining table but the cost is extortionate right now so I guess I shall start saving!)