Google Maps – now in the UK :)

goodbye and hello (as well as – the mapping system, now working the UK, is much cleaner – the local link shows all the different types of restaurants, shops etc in your area and places them on a map – suddenly finding things in your area is so easy! Its still in beta but have not come across a problem as yet 🙂 It will be good to see if 3rd parties use this as a foundation to add further content.

State of american tv advertising

It is no wonder that Americans are switching en mass to Tivo and similar devices which can strip out the advertising – I jut spent a week in the States and the TV (ignoring the low quality on most channels) was filled with advertising – so much so that channel surfing is almost impossible! Admittedly I was watching using the system in the hotel so maybe that’s worse? Maybe someone can confirm.. anyhow compared to the USA, we are lucky – though would be nice to have cheap access to all the channels available over here – while our standard 5 are substantially better quality, there are times when it would be useful to access the other remaining channels.

getting somewhere..

Well it looks like things are moving finally.. not only have I managed to sign up for Mandarin lessons but I have also played footy for the second week on the trot! So thats 2 more items off the list for 2005 🙂 Mandarin was the hardest to do because I have spent the last 2 years saying I am learning it and not getting very far at all – I have bought a cd and started it but did a few hours and then waited 12 months – in that time I upgraded my computer to Windows XP and the language CD did not work 🙁 not that that was much of an excuse cuz I could have got by on Windows XP but didnt bother 🙁 Anyhow I have signed up now and accepted the fact I cannot learn it on my own..

On the footy side side of things not only have I started playing but I organised the whole thing – god its hard work finding 8+ people to play football weekly – I have about 15 but some people always end up dropping out 🙁 Anyhow unfortunately last night’s session has probably dented one of my things to solve in 2005 – fixing my knee injury which i did when I was 17 – its never been properly fixed as doctors do not seem to be able to identify the problem and even the physios I have met with cannot decide 100% – I have got ways of improving things and about the only thing it seems I could not do on it was ski (which is annoying but well not exactly life critical..). Annoyingly I managed to hurt my knee yesterday and it has been quivering all day today 🙁 hopefully it will all be fine in a couple of days if i take it easy 🙂