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spammers keeping up with Cuil launch

I am amazed.

Today I received a piece of spam with the following subject line:

“Cuil – new google-ish search engine”

The contents was pretty obviously spam thought hat too was topical:

“Tens of thousands of US homes lost to sub-prime crisis monthly – will you be next **link hidden**”

Before ending with them saying that they use Opera’s revolutionary new email client – not sure thats a positive for Opera 😉

On the bright side, Microsoft Outlook junked it 🙂


The BBC wrote an article on spam which you can read here.

Some key takeaways – according to Spamhaus more than 90% of email is spam 😮 BT, Bulldog, Wanadoo and Tiscali are failing to tackle the problem of botnets (spam sent from ordinary household computers that have been hijacked by hackers).

I’m not sure whether it is an omission or whether the 2nd and 3rd largest ISPs (Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse) in the UK are doing a better job of dealing with this.

twitter advertising – how not to do it.

Lots of people are thinking of ways to use twitter as a mechanism for getting their message out. The trick is I think to do it in a way that benefits the people you are telling.

Is this an example of how to do it?

You receive an email saying is now following you and then on going to the link, it is one huge background with their website and contact details. The usual reciprocal follow would then result in spam appearing in the Twitter stream (though in this case it did seem to be being used for everyday use).

For me this is not the way to do things, and I am inclined to block rather than follow. I sure hope this is not a trend. Whilst it will not affect my Twitter stream (unless I reciprocate the follow it will not appear), it is spamming my email address and I’ll have to switch off the updates telling me who is following me.