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web 2.0 companies cant count?

I have seen a couple of occasions where it seems to me that certain companies just cannot count!

Google Reader cannot count

Today whilst playing catchup on my rss feed, I noticed that my Google Reader all items count was awfully high. A quick total up of unread items by feed gave 458.. all items is 548! A more obvious mistake was in Pownce. There it said I had 5 friends whereas I have 6 listed?!

Surely this is something simple to get right?

twhirl – not quite the twitter/pownce dream app

sighs. I signed u to Pownce, the twitter type service. It looks great, and supposedly doesn’t have the downtime. No one seems to talk much in there though many people seem to have accounts. What would be great is if I could cross post to both Twitter and Pownce.

Step forward Twhirl.

My favourite twitter client just rolled out Pownce cross posting. I spent a short while celebrating thinking great I can slowly switch to Pownce now. But problem. Twhirl only shows me the twitter stream 🙁 so its great I am posting to Pownce.. but I cant track the conversation without going to the website.

What I need is an aggregated (or tabbed?) stream. One for Pownce and one for Twitter. In the meantime I guess I’ll stay on Twitter.