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firefox conversion

ok so the test with opera collapsed – I stopped using it very shortly after my last post. Too inflexible and I just didnt like the interface. I went back to IE 7 before trying the final release of Firefox 2..

.. and now I am a convert again for the first time in about 9 months. I wonder how long it will last this time – I have a sneaky feeling this time could be for good. It brings back memories of when I switched from Netscape to IE all those years ago. So why the change?

Delicious integration, mouse gestures, faster AJAX sites, more plugins – and more importantly it doesn’t feel like im now missing out on anything by switching.. IE7 feels no quicker than firefox and there was only things to gain by switching.

One great thing about the delicious integration is its allowing me to access my work and home favourites whether I am at home or work. This convergence between web and desktop is definitely the way to go – I disliked delicious.com as a website app – I used it only to store random links I hardly used (and therefore rarely logged into it). Now it stores all my links and I use it daily.

opera vs ie

Well its been a few weeks since I installed opera. I have been on holiday for one of those weeks so really this is only my initial thoughts. not looking good for opera though 😉

Opera is quick to launch 🙂 and ctrl-enter to select your login is a godsend but.. it seems speed isnt everything I thought it might be!

  1. flickr doesnt work – you would have thought this would have been an important site to get working as I reckon those people who use Opera are much more likely to use Flickr than the general public.
  2. my stock site doesnt like it though with some fiddling, I now have it working 🙂
  3. there arent any of the cool plugins you get for firefox
  4. the interface just feels weird – though I guess I might get used to it 🙂 especially the home button being hidden in the address bar.
  5. Outlook Web Access doesnt work right (looks the same as Firefox)
  6. It feels slower generating websites – they build up in front of you whereas IE just displays them.. I wonder if IE is actualy slower but that instant display just gives instant gratification 🙂

All in all I am using IE more still than I am using Opera – even though Opera is currently set as my default.

If only Firefox was as quick as Opera 🙁

Oh and I still dont like tabs – I guess I am going to have to get used to them 😮

browser wars

I have switched to Opera.

Not 6 months ago I thought it was a dying browser on the desktop – destined only for connected devices. A healthy market in itself of course. Why? Well Firefox was beating it hands down. No one really talked about Opera – its Firefox this and Firefox that these days.

So why change now? Well I hate Firefox. OK hate is a strong word but I dislike using it. It is slow. It has always felt slow. When I open my browser I want it to feel responsive. I do not want to sit and wait for my computer to catch up with me.

Internet Explorer 6 was fast. One click and chapow! there it is ready to browse 🙂 I switched to IE 7 and suddenly it feels that little bit slower. Enough to make me search for a speed comparison.

This is what I found:

That extra 0.8s load time between IE6 and IE7 is noticeable (assuming RC1 is of similar load time). Firefox is confirmed as being slow to start.. whereas Opera runs away with it.

Anyhow time to find out if Opera cuts the mustard.

Huge thanks to Tarquin for the info, you can go here to see the results in more detail (Rendering CSS, Rendering table, script speed, multiple images and history) as well as times for other browsers.