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OLED – now in mp3 players :)

those who know me accept that I am OLED’s biggest fan. As you can see on my wish list, an OLED TV is on my list of must haves. The reasons are obvious – none of the perforance issues of plasma and LCD, viewing angles that compete with CRTs, manufacturing is supposed to be much easier than LCD or plasma with failure rates being significantly reduced. Now all that needs to happen is for the damn things to be produced in enough quantity for me to be able to buy one and hopefuly at some point afford one 🙂  Anyhow, the reason for this entry – MPIO have released a new MP3 player which sports an OLED screen – now the screen is 1inch in size and in 65K colour – not exactly the sort of screen to view photos and video on so a standard colour screen would probably have sufficed – except maybe this means OLED screens are cost effective enough now to replace the current batch of screens out there. Fingers crossed this can be extended to TVs soon!