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firefox conversion

ok so the test with opera collapsed – I stopped using it very shortly after my last post. Too inflexible and I just didnt like the interface. I went back to IE 7 before trying the final release of Firefox 2..

.. and now I am a convert again for the first time in about 9 months. I wonder how long it will last this time – I have a sneaky feeling this time could be for good. It brings back memories of when I switched from Netscape to IE all those years ago. So why the change?

Delicious integration, mouse gestures, faster AJAX sites, more plugins – and more importantly it doesn’t feel like im now missing out on anything by switching.. IE7 feels no quicker than firefox and there was only things to gain by switching.

One great thing about the delicious integration is its allowing me to access my work and home favourites whether I am at home or work. This convergence between web and desktop is definitely the way to go – I disliked delicious.com as a website app – I used it only to store random links I hardly used (and therefore rarely logged into it). Now it stores all my links and I use it daily.