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Twitter twitter everywhere (with help from Stephen Fry)

Having stated in the previous post that Twitter was growing, I thought I’d take a peek at what Google Trends thinks. It is interesting viewing.

Yes Twitter is steadily growing:

twitter growth in the uk

So it is obvious that Twitter is being looked at. It is also very obvious that one man is helping to push this growth in the UK: Stephen Fry (@stephenfry). Take a look at this breakdown of also visited sites:


Other than Stephen Fry, it looks like the other “truth” that is often said about Twitter is still holding at present: it is inhabited by marketing and media types. Both NMA and Brand Republic are major marketing websites in the UK.

In the past few weeks though, with no data to show this yet, I am seeing more of the non-marketing/media types talk about Twitter especially given the exposure in places like The Jonathan Ross show on BBC1 (thanks to @wossy talking Twitter with Stephen Fry on his comeback show); the BBC news website (again thanks to Stephen Fry); in the Independent (yes: Stephen Fry again); The Guardian (Yes you guessed it Stephen Fry) and finally on Radio 1 where Scott Mills has been “promoting” it – apparently though, he doesn’t get it.

Get it or not it is definitely placing it in front of a mainstream audience.

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