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Increasing interaction with your blog

I am amazed it has been such a long time but I took a conscious decision to stop being picky about the design/layout of my posts back on August 3rd and removed my own requirement to have an image on every post.

The reason for the decision in the first place was simple – I removed posts I hadn’t got round to sorting an image out for because they were no longer timely or interesting – in effect I was censoring myself. Since then 99% of posts have just been text and the volume and frequency of posts has increased.

But has it devalued the look and feel of the blog? I think in some small way it is not as easy to read, certainly longer posts. For long posts, it is just too much text – I like visual aids when moving through text 🙂

As I look through my RSS feed, there are a lot of people who write long posts that I find myself skimming. Some with images, some without. I find that if an image catches my eye I may give it more attention than a post without images so for longer posts at least it should improve interaction with your readers.

So do I go back to adding photos? I think it’s a question of using quality images rather than using one every post and more important still, not letting the lack of an image stop you from posting in the first place.