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Useful Twitter Tool: Mr Tweet

My Twitter usage has risen and fallen over the course of 2008 mostly due to my own mistakes using it. There is no question that it can be a powerful service but taking full advantage of it is difficult. Who you follow and how much time you spend inside Twitter is very important.

MrTweet helps you solve the former – helping you find new people and identifying which of the people following you, you might want to follow back. The timing is excellent as just last week I was going through the people on my list unfollowing people who had not reciprocated the follow using a tool called FriendorFollow.

It would be interesting to know more about how it is ranking people – I noticed that people who Robert Scoble had followed appeared in the highest ranked people and then as you moved down the list Chris Brogan appeared and so on. There is obviously an influencer list behind the scenes which allows this system to work (and hopefully scale) – it would be interesting to have this ranking available online as well.