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Firefox 3 Beta 1 and Flock

The path to a new browser:

  1. Installed Firefox 3
  2. Found most plugins I needed didn’t work (yes its in beta I should be patient)
  3. Read a post about memory issues in Firefox generally (which I felt constantly) and how Flock was not (no longer?) just an “addon” to Firefox but a complete replacement. Supposedly it integrated new social platforms (Facebook, Flickr, delicious, twitter) and solved the memory issues with Firefox. The latter especially was a sweeping statement but he went on to say that he was wrong about Flock.
  4. So seeing as I had the same opinion of Flock when I tried it at launch I figured maybe I should give it a try
  5. Downloaded.
  6. Installed.
  7. Love it – didn’t need several plugins and I only had to add IETab, mouse gestures and FireFTP. I await to see the memory improvements but I love the media streams.

opera vs ie

Well its been a few weeks since I installed opera. I have been on holiday for one of those weeks so really this is only my initial thoughts. not looking good for opera though 😉

Opera is quick to launch 🙂 and ctrl-enter to select your login is a godsend but.. it seems speed isnt everything I thought it might be!

  1. flickr doesnt work – you would have thought this would have been an important site to get working as I reckon those people who use Opera are much more likely to use Flickr than the general public.
  2. my stock site doesnt like it though with some fiddling, I now have it working 🙂
  3. there arent any of the cool plugins you get for firefox
  4. the interface just feels weird – though I guess I might get used to it 🙂 especially the home button being hidden in the address bar.
  5. Outlook Web Access doesnt work right (looks the same as Firefox)
  6. It feels slower generating websites – they build up in front of you whereas IE just displays them.. I wonder if IE is actualy slower but that instant display just gives instant gratification 🙂

All in all I am using IE more still than I am using Opera – even though Opera is currently set as my default.

If only Firefox was as quick as Opera 🙁

Oh and I still dont like tabs – I guess I am going to have to get used to them 😮