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RSS Catchup: what caught my eye..

Been playing RSS catchup and got to my third tier of feeds which has not happened in a while (I group feeds in tiers so I always read my important feeds first.. theoretically dipping into lower tiers in decreasing amounts).

Anyhow, I found a bunch of interesting stuff:

1. Found daytum thanks to Brad Feld. It tracks anything you can count – seems relatively pointless on the surface, but I love data/statistics and am sure to find something interesting come out of it. Obviously you need to find the time to enter that data.. we’ll see how it goes 😉 (once I get an invite!)

2. Top Twitter Friends – a quick way to see you you interact with on Twitter. This also seems to confirm that Scobleizer doesnt have conversations inside Twitter (see here) – I assume that happens inside Friendfeed. It really does highlight whether you interact with a select group or anyone and everyone. Found a couple of interesting people through this as well:  Sanjay Parekh (founder of Digital Envoy) and Kris Hoet (Geek Marketer at Microsoft Europe)

3. Skribit – A lot of new websites have a feedback button on either the left hand or right hand side of their website. It is a quick and easy way to allow a user to provide feedback. Skribit does a similar sort of thing for bloggers – though in this case allowing visitors to suggest new topics. I wonder how many people will bother?!

4. Finally, it turns out that Salesforce only runs on 1,000 servers.. pretty impressive considering the 55,000 enterprise customers (and 1.5m individual subscribers!). Anyhow read more over at Techcrunch.