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a good domain host

It is often said that companies that do a good job do not get talked about as much as those that do bad things. So it was not altogether a huge surprise when I realised I had never mentioned freeparking on here before.

Freeparking manages my various domains and they do it for a decent price and with a good uptime. I rarely have problems with them and their DNS panel is simple and easy to use. Over the course of the last 7 or 8 years I have used them, I have switched to others mainly because I felt they hadn’t moved on at all (and they still haven’t). Each time though, the new provider has not been as flexible or as simple to use. 1and1 have been awful (more on them in another post as they are a poster child for how to give bad customer service); and I have now forgotten the names of the 2 other hosts I used – looks like they have disappeared from the web.