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cisco routers

For once a blog entry on the hardware behind the network rather than the pretty front end stuff that lives online 🙂 I just wanted to shout about cisco routers – I am in the middle of transitioning networks – no fun task I can tell you – especially with the vast array of different versions of operating systems and software  that will arise and mix from the ashes. Anyhow, rather than have to move the old systems across to a new network address so it could continue to have connectivity alongside the new network, it seems my nice cisco router will let me have both the old and the new running at the same time. (I give you I probably would have figured out a way of just building an interface between the new networks rather than transition the entire old network, but even so). Anyhow with the Cisco router I can have both networks running at the same time.

By the way, I am no network guy so maybe most routers can do this – one thing is for sure my old linux router I had running couldnt (no room for more network cards.. ) Anyhow it just saved me several hours work.. its definitely a bonus 🙂