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latest virgin media ads – somewhat misleading!

It has been interesting to see the latest Virgin Media ads for its broadband services. There seems to be little question that Virgin Media’s cable network will provide faster connections than its main rival BT over time. BT is struggling to get anywhere near the 40 or 50mbps Virgin Media are talking about doing at some point. Their latest ads have started to set this tone.

BUT, they are also misleading. I wasn’t surprised to find out that BSkyB had complained about them to the Advertising Standards Authority until I realised they had only complained about Virgin’s claim the network was fibre optic (it isn’t.. at least not the last 500m). The line that got me was You’ll find watching YouTube is just like watching the telly and it implied that the quality was better than that provided by other broadband providers. Sorry – but last time I checked YouTube was nothing like TV.. whether I am on Virgin Media or some other provider. It would be great if it was!

Of course from Virgin’s perspective any debate over these adverts is only going to help them get over the message that they will be faster than others 😉

adsl and bt

Now let me make something very clear – for the last 4 years if you asked me to recommend a provider I would have said go with Pipex – their customer service and pricing was always reasonable and i rarely had problems with them. I would still recommend them today for anyone looking for adsl..

So on to the point of the post.. can you believe that Pipex did not know that a line had been suspended by BT? They were all very helpful and everything but as far as they were concerned broadband should be working fine.. it wasn’t till BT were called that anyone realised the phone line itself had been suspended. It sounded to me like something that was not specific to Pipex – I wonder if this is the case?

Anyhow, obviously plugging in a phone line showed that the line was dead in any case but still.. if it had happened to me, I wouldn’t have been able to test the phone line – i dont have a landline phone!