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delicious finally launched 2.0 – do I care?

So delicious finally launched version 2 of their website. It was due back in September last year so it is almost a year late. Rumour has it this was down to a complete reworking of the backend to ensure it was more scalable – no bad thing.

The only problem is – I haven’t actually visited the website more than a handful of times in over a year and yet I use the product everyday!


Well as I wrote previously, I cannot use Firefox without my delicious addon. It uses delicious to store all my bookmarks centrally but integrates tightly with Firefox allowing me to access those bookmarks just like I would normally. The difference? I could be using my computer at work or at home or even my parent’s computer. It doesn’t matter – my bookmarks are right there. It is a huge productivity boost for me.

So congratulations on the launch, but well – I am waiting for the next version of the Firefox addon (and hoping the new version does not cause any downtime) 😉

too ironic by half: delicious finds me magnolia

Rather randomly this morning I decided I wanted to go check out how Ma.gnolia was coming along (I loved the interface but there wasn’t enough to move me from delicious previously).

Problem – I couldn’t remember the name.. so I tried the search engines under “bookmark”, “online bookmarks” and “bookmark manager”. Found nothing on Google, Yahoo or Microsoft – so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for Mahalo (the human search engine).. but nothing. They all suggested Delicious. So I tried delicious and hilariously.. I found Ma.gnolia again 🙂


If you haven’t heard (surely not?!) del.icio.us has been bought by Yahoo.. if you have nt heard of delicious, its a website that allows you to save your bookmarks online and also share and see other people’s bookmarks. Everyone seems to love it. I think it certainly fits with Yahoo, and hopefully they will take it into the mainstream.

That leads to my question marks over delicious. I first registered ages ago and having saved a few bookmarks and flicked through other peoples got bored quite quickly and moved on. I have a huge repository of bookmarks saved locally and the thought of moving them all online was a nightmare.. there was no import function 🙁 anyhow on the advice of this page I went back and took another look, and decided to "get stuck in".

Its no use for "fast access" bookmarks (ie sites I go to everyday). It is just irritating having to go to del.icio.us first and then click the tag and then go to the site. Though Flock is supposed to be integrated with del.icio.us so maybe that solves this issue. Oh for an IE addon..

anyhow, what it is good for is storing sites that catch your attention and might want to come back to at some point in the future. Having got "stuck in", it is defintiely one of those sites that you can just spend ages on wasting time..

It’s still a bit too techy for my liking, the recent section is almost always filled with developer sites, though as it goes mainstream this will change and probably become less useful as it becomes too random – so being able to type a tag and see recent sites (in the same way as you can see popular sites now) would be better. There is a huge amount of potential with del.icio.us – but please get the import working!