Major improvement to friendfeed

Having been away for 2 weeks, I have come back and noticed a major improvement to friendfeed – the tool I use to bring together all the information my connected network shares with me. It is extremely useful as not only does it give me access to the types of information that I want quickly, it also generates debate around that topic.

One of the major problems with the service though was that if I shared a news story and another 10 others shared it then it would appear 11 times in your news feed – needless to say that made finding unique stories more difficult. Unsurprisingly given the title of this post (!) friendfeed have fixed this and now groups all the same stories and its related comments together.

Of course, I can always see room for improvement 😉 I would now like to see the comments grouped together somehow so that they dont get lost in the grouped items below (see screenshot below to see what it is like now) – I can see why this might be difficult to do as you couldn’t group them by time – the only real answer is to have multiple threads of comments with maybe the most liked comments showing up.

In any case it remains one of my prime sources of information today – more on those later.