PageOnce – a life dashboard?

I love the idea behind PageOnce – to use their phrase: the first Personal Internet Assistant web site.

In more words, the idea is to bring together your various online data points in one place – so far it covers social networks, email, banking, utilities, mobile phones, entertainment and even how many airmiles you have collected. So on one dashboard you can get an update of whats happening in all these places.

It is nicely laid out according to type of information but I’m not using it.

There are 2 major problems as I see it:

1. I’m already using Netvibes as my portal – it shows me the social networks and email and the news sites I follow – ie the information I need continuous updates on. PageOnce doesn’t allow me to add RSS feeds or track my stocks so it cant replace Netvibes.

2. I access PageOnce through a single username and password. With all that personal information on me stored in one dashboard, I just want more comfort. I haven’t added most of the accounts possible for this reason. It just feels like too much of a security risk despite the Hackersafe, Verisign and TRUSTe logos at the bottom of the page and the https protocol. Besides, I know from when Egg launched their central money manager here in the UK, that banks refused to protect customers who used such systems.

All this has meant I have logged in sporadically which is a shame. I still love the idea. Hopefully these two issues will be overcome.

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