rss feeds

This survey over at The RSS Weblog prompted me to take a quick look at my RSS feeds and see what sort of things I subscribe to. I have to say I dont think the survey is that informative of general usage and the numbers of participents is very low compared to the number of options – and of course, only people who are interested in RSS specifically would subscribe to that blog – but nevertheless the numbers of people with 390+ feeds certainly raises an eyebrow..

So my own feeds:

First a background as to how I have chosen these feeds – to date I have not gone out of my way to find feeds that I like, there are too many and I have never got around to it. I have however been recommended several feeds over the last few years and merely by adding feeds that have linked to these I have built up my list – and from places like memeorandum, digg and other news websites.

So looking at the RSS feeds I subscribe to:

RSS feeds by country

This really isnt a surprise but I definitely want to subscribe to more UK orientated websites, and maybe the odd one in Europe and Asia. Maybe I should go and search through britblog!

RSS feeds by industryÂ


Looking at my categories on this blog, this is not much of a surprise. However, there are two areas that stand out – sport and cooking – both areas I am interested in but completely missing from the list. Something to rectify 🙂 News is also a bit of an oddball as I dont use it inside outlook with my other rss feeds. Instead I subscribe via because news feeds update too rapidly for me to keep up with all the posts, which is unmanageable inside Outlook! This is a good example of where RSS the technology is being used to fulfill 2 different needs.

RSS feeds by company

Now by virtue of the fact that most RSS feeds I subscribe to have come about by cross linking, and Microsoft being busy cross-linking bees they thrash the other companies.. I have ignored all other companies outside the ones above as they all had only one feed. Of course, a lot of the feeds “do not represent their employer” so technically should not be counted – I did anyway 🙂