wordpressWell it’s live..

As you can see, www.razorshine.com is now using wordpress instead of forwarding to my msn spaces blog. I am not sure what to do about that blog right now – how do you move all your users across automatically without making them go to the old one first and then on to the other?

I am quite happy with pretty much everything I think – things are certain to come but right now I have all the major things covered 🙂

The big addition was the gallery plugin – that was hard work to get working but integrates well now I think. It really isnt a patch on the MSN photo plugin but maybe one day someone will come up with a theme which is at least as good. The book list plug in (Amazon Media Manager) is really cool – I initially used connect via books but it looks awful when you add it to your blog. I was intent on trying to put one together myself but AMM meets the requirements and it would have taken me months to even get started 🙂 The one thing that’s really missing is blog statistics – I have not yet found one that I am really happy with, though I can track everything that any other blog site gave me using StatTraq – but this has not been updated since June 🙁 Mind you, I was not happy with other blog site’s statistics either 😉