Egg and Muffin Toaster

It’s out in September in the States and without question suits me to a tee – how often have I got up in the morning and wanted an egg sandwich or something similar but faced with the idea of getting out the frying pan and making it along with then having to clean up after myself, decided against it – sheer laziness I know but I am usually more interested in dashing out of the door having gained an extra few minutes in bed.

Anyhow, the eggs are poached (or steam-scrambled (?) – their words not mine) rather than fried, as I would have cooked them and of course the muffins or bread is toasted alongside it. You can warm pre-cooked meats as well though I think I prefer to stick to cold slices of chicken or maybe just nothing at all. 🙂

All for about $50 from September – I wonder whether it will hit the UK?