what happened?

ok so where did I go? well as you can probably see my post count started dropping right the way back in March when I got my Xbox 360 😮 though as ever the game functionality hasnt managed to hold my attention very long – I haven’t actually played it more than a few times in the last few months – though I have used the video and audio streaming functionality a fair bit. It would be nice to have an itunes style interface inside xbox live.. maybe with zune coming out thats what will happen?

So if I have not been playing with the 360 for the last 2 months what ha been happening? Well major disenchantment with the whole web 2.0 thing (which managed to resurrect itself briefly phoneix-like from the ashes in my last post only to collapse further into the depths immediately after) and then even greater disenchantment with WordPress.

For the last month or so I moved back to my old livejournal blog to blog about personal stuff that has been happening mainly cuz I needed somewhere to blog and the various permission levels inside Live Journal are a dream to use. WordPress on the other hand involves me hacking core files or using a couple of plugins that give me no confidence that over time the posts will stay private to the relevant groups!

On top of that I have been having so many niggling issues with WordPress since I upgraded from 1.5.2 that i knew I’d have to rebuild it and so I stopped using it till that was done. In the end the issues were all around the permalink system and my provider Kualo, which could only be solved by increasing the size of my “permalink file” from a few hundred bytes to 7k in size 🙂 thankfully WordPress generated that for me 🙂

So I’m back though I am going to continue using Live Journal for my personal posts going forward – if you want access.. request it from the contact Riaz page

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