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news international :(

It’s not often I write about football on here – even though it consumes a fair part of my life 😉 (usually involving Liverpool FC..)Anyhow, without repeating previous blog entries on the subject about the quality of the press these days, I feel I have to rant and rave about the New of the World. I cannot believe that in a World Cup year they feel it appropriate to undermine the England team in any way. For those of you not in England, the News of the World published an article which involved hoodwinking the England football manager into speculating what would happen after the World Cup. Unfortunately there were comments about existing England players and that the England manager would leave after the World Cup.

Now the players have all come out and backed the manager, but it cannot help matters. Why can’t the press just get behind the team for once?

What is worse is that despite outrage by people calling in to Sky Sports against the paper, the few newspapers I saw this morning all lambasted the England manager.

OK. I’ll stop now.

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LFC vs Everton

I’m always getting irritated with commentators on TV saying X is the biggest game in Y’s history etc etc, I mean I know they have to big up the games but is it just me or does it just become tiresome and grating after a while. In fact worse, it has no effect on you if its not your own team so you just ignore it.. surely this cannot be good for audience numbers?

Anyhow this weekend is Liverpool’s biggest game of the season 🙂 actually its not, there will be others, certainly in the Champions League but also hopefully in the league if Sunday goes well. Its such a bad season from a fan’s perspective because you just dont know how the team is going to perform – so fingers crossed is as good as its going to be 🙁 Oh and wear my lucky top, lucky scarf lucky everything in fact 🙂

Here’s hoping..

(For those not in the know, Everton FC are almost across the road from Liverpool and there is a distinct rivalry there. Helped I am sure by the fact Everton used to inhabit Liverpool’s stadium before they were kicked out so Liverpool FC could be formed. On top of all this, Everton who have been huge under achievers in recent years are in the critical 4th place spot which means qualification to the most lucrative cup in European football – the Champions League – Liverpool are (sadly) in 5th 🙁 anyhow it will be a tense game..)