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Customer service is a key strategic initiative

ZapposCompanies today have to place customer service at the centre of everything they do. I spoke briefly about this at my TFM presentation this year, “Marketing 3.0 Push and Pull Marketing is not enough”  – yes one slide (slide 8). I could have spoken on this alone for the full 30 mins as it is so important for companies to understand in this social networked world.

The companies I mentioned as examples of this philosophy were Zappos (US shoe retailer now owned by Amazon); Apple and first direct. Well Zappos just gave me a new example to quickly illustrate the results of placing customer service first. Eric Friedman over at Marketing.fm ordered a pair of shoes for the first time from Zappos and after his (very positive) experience with them shared the experience with his friends; tweeted about it and wrote a blog post. Another win for Zappos.

Eric sums it up really well: “If the goal is to get the “wow” factor, then you have to open a dialogue with customers, deliver high quality service and support, and most importantly don’t expect anything in return. This results in customer loyalty, return customers (which in some ways is the same thing) and a powerful form of advertising you cannot buy; word of mouth.

You can read his entire post on the experience here.

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Bill Gates offers the world a physics lesson

bill-gates-knighthoodBill Gates hasn’t sat back after leaving Microsoft, working on a vast array of wildly different things. There is a great interview one year on with him looking at some of educational work he has been doing (specifically with the lectures by noted scientist (and Manhattan Project collaborator) Richard Feynmaas which you can see here). There is also some interesting commentary on how he is still involved in Microsoft. You can read the entire interview by Ina Fried here.

Some great quotes from Bill Gates:

On his wide array of patents: That’s right. We’re going to make the cows that don’t fart. You name it, we’ve got it under control.

On Google: the more vague they are, the more interesting it is.

On the internet browser: the word browser has become a truly meaningless word

Apple making a bold move to sideline Microsoft in UK

O2 just announced the tarrifs for the Apple iPhone and it is pretty stunning – £99 for the 8GB version on a £30/month tarrif, free on the £45/month one. It is on an 18 month contract BUT people who are already on an 18 month contract with the old iPhone CAN upgrade – it looks like you just extend the contract by a further 18 months. That means that unlike other 18 month contracts on mobile networks, the 18 months only ties you to the provider – you will still be able to upgrade to the latest and greatest Apple phone.

With Microsoft’s phones looking dated already and updated versions that are just glossy front ends (the backend OS is not due to be upgraded till next year) – Apple look to be wanting to take market share away from Microsoft and possibly gain a strong foothold in the business arena (the new phone supports Exchange email which is used by a large number of companies). This of course could then in turn lead to even greater uptake in Apple Macs. Right now the markets dont think so (shares were down 4% at one point yesterday) but I think this is an interesting move by Apple.