orkut – down for maintenance or upgrade?

Orkut is google’s take on social networks like facebook, hi5, myspace etc (there are only several million more these days).

In any case, of the major players, I do not rate orkut that highly but those that love it do seem to use it constantly. I have constantly heard about how huge in South America, unfortunately those South Americans will be feeling some pain today as orkut has been down now for around 15 hours now, and counting!

There are rumours on the web it is an upgrade..

I hope so as it is in desperate need of one – however if what I saw prior to orkut going down was anything to go by, it doesn’t look like it. Immediately prior to the under construction page, the friends list was completely unavailable and there were huge number of orkut’s donut error pages flying around..

If it is an upgrade, Google sure need to make it smoother to the user and communicate better.