Marketing Leader

Today, Riaz is a leading advocate for Account Based Marketing, using it to accelerate growth in B2B companies and retain their best clients through his ABM agency, Radiate B2B. He has been a leading innovator in the use of data in martech over the past two decades, using it to better understand how people behave online and transform a marketer's capabilities, whilst also believing in the need for the individual to have control of their privacy.

He built one of the first global video advertising networks and delivering behavioural marketing programmes tailored to an individual after the sale of his company, Digital Oxygen. He expanded Silverpop (later bought by IBM) as a leading B2C and B2B marketing automation platform in UK, Europe and APAC and helped pioneer B2B and B2C techniques that became best practice today.

Riaz has sat on the DMA Email Marketing Council and judged their prestigious awards.

Serial Entrepreneurship

His entrepreneurial background and passion for growing successful (and challenged!) businesses has led to him speaking on getting started, prioritisation, lean and agile approaches in startups and the importance of people. He is currently chair of the Cass Business School's Entrepreneurs Network, where he regularly advises and supports startups within this and the Techstars ecosystem.

Technology Commentator

His knowledge of technology trends and business has also led to him regularly commenting on the broader trends and themes of technology including the big five (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google), artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and more. A preview of his weekly newsletter is available here

Riaz Kanani

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