big data is..


LOL – I remember seeing something similar for the term Web 2.0.

It is sad to see the phrase be completely ruined – needless to say I am a big proponent of the original concepts of Big Data and still think it is important for marketers and others alike.

Luckily those who understand the phrase continue to take advantage of the benefits 🙂 Communicating it clearly is now the challenge.

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New Google Analytics in public beta and it has changed everything :)

Web analytics has been awful since forever. Right down to the celebration of the number of hits in the first Internet bubble, but even since then the focus has been on page impressions and something called “unique users” which might be the same person multiple times.. it might not.

With the growth in mobile internet usage, the amount of double counting going on is only increasing and so this latest version of Google Analytics is looking to solve this. It is called Universal Analytics and is now in public beta. Check out the launch post here.

It uses a virtual identifier to track individuals across devices instead of dropping individual cookies on each device. It even integrates with your own identifier if you happen to have one. There is a lot of potential to do more with Google Analytics as a result, especially around things like customer journey analysis.

It does require you to update the Google Analytics code on your website though 😉