comments tracking

How do you keep track of conversations you have in comments? I don’ t mean comments on your own blog – for me thats easy I don’t get many and even with a lot its not difficult – they are all in one place!

What I am talking about is comments on other people’s blogs. I often forget I commented somewhere, and even if the blog in question offers the ability to subscribe to their comment feed, often this is overkill as I only want to see it for a short period of time and it gets lost amongst all my other rss subs. A few blogs offer the ability to email comments that you subscribe to; it works well – though unsubscribing needs to be easy! The majority don’t so my solution currently? I have an IE folder called comments where I subscribe to posts I have commented in and try and keep track – it means I am slow responding but it works 100% of the time with all blogs.

There must be a better solution?!

web instant messaging

I can thank for finding this..

its called meebo and its a web client for AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk (or Jabber) – ie all the clients I would ever want to use 🙂 ok except maybe skype, though I have always hated their instant messaging.. and well what with their api requiring skype to be running in the background its possibly not feasibe right now. It seems to have just started, their site calls it an alpha so be warned. It is quick and easy to access wherever you are, and if they can get more than just the basics working this project could have a great future, why haven’t the major messenger players done this themselves??


[update: minor text changes and improved coherence – something that I guess was impossible yesterday..]

If you haven’t heard (surely not?!) has been bought by Yahoo.. if you have nt heard of delicious, its a website that allows you to save your bookmarks online and also share and see other people’s bookmarks. Everyone seems to love it. I think it certainly fits with Yahoo, and hopefully they will take it into the mainstream.

That leads to my question marks over delicious. I first registered ages ago and having saved a few bookmarks and flicked through other peoples got bored quite quickly and moved on. I have a huge repository of bookmarks saved locally and the thought of moving them all online was a nightmare.. there was no import function 🙁 anyhow on the advice of this page I went back and took another look, and decided to "get stuck in".

Its no use for "fast access" bookmarks (ie sites I go to everyday). It is just irritating having to go to first and then click the tag and then go to the site. Though Flock is supposed to be integrated with so maybe that solves this issue. Oh for an IE addon..

anyhow, what it is good for is storing sites that catch your attention and might want to come back to at some point in the future. Having got "stuck in", it is defintiely one of those sites that you can just spend ages on wasting time..

It’s still a bit too techy for my liking, the recent section is almost always filled with developer sites, though as it goes mainstream this will change and probably become less useful as it becomes too random – so being able to type a tag and see recent sites (in the same way as you can see popular sites now) would be better. There is a huge amount of potential with – but please get the import working!