[RANT] vista (and Dell) – arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yes it is a rant and normally I don’t let myself succumb on here but much as I love Windows and hate Macs, Vista really is screwed up. It is slow and cannot seem to cope with the simplest of things – why do I need to watch a green bar progress everytime I try and change directories??? Was it really that slow in XP without the green bar – does that green progress bar make everything seem slower, I really do not think so.

I should say though that I have Vista at home and its not that bad there – it is just on this Dell Latitude D630 (and the other 2 in our office). It seems to be driver issues on the laptop or if not that just a poorly built laptop by Dell. That’s a shame as the D630s were great with XP.

What to do except pull your hair out 🙁

OK rant over..