sony – tough times?

Time ares looking tough for Sony right now – I am sure most of you have seen stories about the DRM rootkit issues they have had with their copy protected cds (they have now stopped production and had it classed as malware by Microsoft and anti-virus vendors). Now there is another issue on the horizon. The BBC are reporting that Sony is involved in price fixing. Not directly to us consumers but instead to the retailers who sell the products to us. If you are a high street retailer you will pay less for a product than an internet retailer. Not sure how they can do that – they claim it is legal – but it does not sound right to me.

Supposedly Sony instigated this practice and others have followed their path – I wonder if there are enough manufacturers not doing this for online retailers to fight back in their online stores? The manufacturers have been reported to the Office of Fair Trading here in the UK so hopefully they will rule in the consumer’s favour. How long has htis been going on?!